Do the right thing.

We are convinced that having the right goals and strategies is crucial for effective marketing. We believe in the power of authentic communication and the impact of good design. Respect, joy, and commitment are the foundation for all our partnerships.

Success hinges on goals


Who are we?
Why do we do what we do?
Where are we now?
Where do we hope to be?
How can we get there? When?
What defines success?

The questions are simple. Finding the answers is often a challenge. And these answers are crucial when it comes to developing a long-term strategy. The methods we use to tackle this challenge are as unique as each individual company and situation.

Let’s get started.

Strategieentwicklung für Marketing und Kommunikation - Agentur RIGHT Marketing Berlin
Right Marketing Berlin Realisierungen für Marketing und Kommunikation

Means to an end


There are countless ways to convey information. Successful communication is contingent on relevant and well-structured content, which caters to the needs of its audience.

Content, creation
Text, design, PR, film clips, campaigns …

Digital marketing
Website, email, social media, advertising, CRM …

Projekt management
How can we help you?

Patricia Jaecklin - Agentur RIGHT Marketing Berlin

“We regularly encounter exciting innovations and business models when working with our clients. We help companies inspire people, and we ensure that their aims are clearly heard, envisioned, and understood by their target audience.”

Patricia Jaecklin, Managing Partner
Strategy, communication & marketing

“How effective a project is depends on how well we work together with our clients to define the right goals and establish individual processes and methods. This is the guiding principle of our work and the essential foundation for success.”

Mark Munzinger, Managing Partner
Strategy, digital marketing

Mark Munzinger - Agentur RIGHT Marketing Berlin

Agile teams of experts

We work with agile team structures and methods. We believe that teams and processes emerge on the basis of the task at hand. We rely on exactly the right team of experts required in order to achieve excellent results.

Agentur RIGHT Marketing Berlin - Teams für Marketing & Kommunikation

Hi right.

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Are we the right ones?

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