New focus, new business model: Greenovation transforms into Eleva

Rebranding und Relaunch – eleva GmbH

Eleva’s mission is to unlock novel therapeutics in partnership with pharmaceutical companies in order to develop therapies that will turn around countless patients’ lives. The company leverages its unique moss-based production platform to produce supreme biologics like antibodies, replacement enzymes, or fusion toxins.

Greenovation und Eleva GmbH Referenz der Agentur RIGHT Marketing Berlin. Referenzbeitrag Eleva GmbH

The journey begins

In workshops, we work with the client to develop the principles for rebranding, communication and implementation. Therefore, we use various reframing methods.

Workshop identity
  • Workshop goals and objectives
  • Vision and mission
  • Reasoning, requirements, and reality check
  • Conclusion and next steps
  • Documentation and elaboration
Workshop Communication
  • Strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities
  • Target groups and personas
  • Key messages and storytelling
  • Tasks, timeline, and measures
  • Documentation and elaboration

First things first, transformation successful

We create a detailed project and release plan and coordinate with the customer at short intervals. Sprints and short (standup) meetings are techniques from agile project management that help to efficiently manage complex and time-challenging projects.

As planned, the first stage of the Eleva website goes online after six weeks. Email newsletters are sent out, press releases published. Factsheets and other publications are created, and business stationery is produced. Three months later, the final stage of the website is released.

Naming: The Best Idea Wins

Rebranding is a delicate matter. All those involved identify with the name and appearance of a company and associate experiences and ideas with it. Involving stakeholders in the process is thus important – because acceptance is what determines success in the end.

Our approach was collaborative: the client collected suggestions within the company while we developed ideas in the agency. All ideas were compiled in an online matrix, and dossiers prepared on the best ideas:

  • Idea, derivation, associations
  • URL availability
  • Records in the register of trademarks
  • Similarity search, exclusivity

Ultimately, the choice was made for Eleva (lat. elevare = to elevate, to raise something to the next level). The idea originated with one of the customer’s employees.

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