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E-Commerce B2C – Patisserie Wunderkuchen

Wunderkuchen is a Berlin-based cake and pie manufacturer and has been supplying high-profile B2B customers for years. Since its founding in 2004, the company is committed to only use fresh ingredients that are as natural as possible. Increasingly, private customers are also gaining in importance. Right planned and established the e-commerce business B2C for Wunderkuchen.

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Working out the basics

After briefing and re-briefing with a recommended course of action and cost proposal, we work out the basics for the communication strategy and online marketing in two workshops with the owner. In the first workshop we focus on the company, in the second on the products.

Workshop Company
  • Challenges and goals
  • Competitive environment
  • Identity (people, products, services)
  • Personas (profiling of key model customers)
  • Benefits and key messages
  • Channels and actions
  • Documentation, elaboration
Workshop Produkte
  • Product properties
  • Product assortment and categories
  • Seasonal products
  • Individual cakes and pies 
  • Order processing, FAQ, challenges
  • Personnel and organizational structures
  • Documentation, elaboration

Online sales in detail

Based on the workshop documentation, we develop the strategy paper in which everything that has been worked out is analyzed, classified, put into relationships and concretized. As a blueprint and action map for the implementation to follow, the strategy paper also defines the organizational processes for B2C. 

  • Definition of processes (ordering, production)
  • Interfaces (merchandise management system)
  • Shop architecture 
  • Shop synchronizations (Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping)
  • Process optimization

A mountain of cake

The online store is to be launched as soon as possible. There is a mountain of work ahead of us. In the end, we will have photographed, optimized, categorized, specified and added descriptions to around 400 products.

  • Redesign (logo, fonts, colors, image and form language, tonality)
  • Communication development (key
  • messages and copy)
  • Store design and programming (WordPress/WooCommerce)
  • Product assets (images, texts, categories)
  • Channel setup (Facebook Business Tools, Google Adwords & Merchant Center)
  • Staff training and support
  • SEA/Search Engine Advertising, Social Media Ads

Despite a detailed project plan, major and minor questions keep arising due to the sheer volume of tasks and products. We discuss basic questions in regular recaps with the customer and resolve details via e-mail. It pays to be persistent: After 12 weeks, the Webshop goes live.

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